BY: Fred Watson IV, Dylan Bell and Jahrique Keeve

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Risk Factors of a mental illness

Some risk factors of a mental illness are having a relative with a mental illness and when your in your mom's womb you can also catch an illness.

Methods used to treat autism

You can have therapy sessions to treat autism such as:

* Behavioral management therapy

* Nutritional therapy

* Occupational therapy

* Joint attention therapy

* etc...

Why it's important to treat clinical depression

It's important mainly because it's actually the second leading cause of death because if its not treated, people usually commit suicide.

Common Symptoms

Asperger syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder
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Causes of autism

Genetics and the environment are the causes. Genetics being 90% and environment being 10%.

People in the U.S that have been diagnosed with autism

Around 1 in 68 American children have autism
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Reasons why people won't get help for autism

Usually people won't get help for autism because they are embarrassed or they think people won't understand their situation.

Signs of autism:

* No big smiles or warm expressions after 6 months

* No words by 16 months

* No babbling by 12 months

* Any loss of speech, babbling, or social skills at any age

Are there any negative stereotypes when affected by autism?

Yes, people look at you as if you had cancer or if you got called to a death sentence. You would get weird looks if you had autism.

Four local mental health resources/services:

1. Provide structure and safety

2. Find nonverbal ways to connect to them

3. Create a treatment plan

4. Find or help support

Resources with reliable info

All these websites can help you with learning this disorder, understanding it and ways to help your child/friend.

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