Notes from Andy

Monday 7 April 2014

Good Morning everyone.....hope you had good weekend

Thank you to everyone who has ever worked with our Year 13s. What an amazing 'ride'. Whether you have been here 1 year or 6, I hope you can see through the stress of the pending exams and celebrate the contribution you have made to our kids.....they have and will continue to do us proud.

Also to everyone for 3-way conferences this week. I hope it's a productive time to give students their "next steps". That advice will be invaluable to all of them.

Personal Project

We cannot celebrate this enough, so here's another acknowledgement to everyone who supervised and mentored students and again, to Joe (and Adrian) for overseeing the project.

Every parent and indeed staff member I spoke with was blown away by the quality and depth of learning which they saw in many of the projects.

As culminating pieces of learning, again we can all take some pride in our work - with our students and the programme itself.

Also a good time to wish Lissie 'luck' as she picks up the reins and without doubt, will continue the forward momentum - the project is in good hands.

Have a great week and 'break'....

I hope there is a lot of rest in the next two weeks for everyone. If traveling away, be safe. If staying here, I hope you enjoy the warmer weather

Thanks for your work and dedication to our students and their learning, this term.

Fair to say we have learned lots this term, which will inform next year's planning.

By the end of the week, we hope to get you all the information you need to start Term 3. Hopefully you won't hear from SLT for two weeks =)