explore a world of wonders

Drown Your Taste Buds in Exotic Food

Venezuela has a variety of foods lots of it comes from the main rainforest that Venezuela has. Many of the foods they eat are Spanish foods for example cachapas, which are, corn pancakes, they are mostly eaten for breakfast because it is pretty light. Breakfast and dinner are the lighter meal in the day lunch is usually the biggest meal of the day. Venezuelan food is very unique and delicious

submerse your mind in some historical sights

Venezuela has the worlds largest water fall in the world Angel Falls which is beautiful to see. Cumana is home to one of Venezuela's heros antonio jose de Sucrince. Merida cable cars are very popular and a very amazing ways to see the wonders of Venezuela like Venezuela's wonderful unique mountains

learn about the unique language the Venezuelans speak

features more than 40 diff languages that they speak but spanish is there official language which comes from the conquistadors from a long time ago but some of there foreign languages are Italian Chinese Arabic Portuguese and english

enjoy the fantastic tropical weather

Venezuela has very warm tropical weather because of the level the they are at which is 2,700 feet above sea level which makes it really nice warm weather so when you go you want to wear shorts and tank tops and tee shirts because on average the temputure is 70-85 degrees which is great weather to go to the beach

Angel Falls

Explore a new culture.

Venezuela is a very proud socialist county. Most of the people in Venezuela are catholic and have very nice homes and churches, they have a rich heritage. There music is originated fro the independence of a country from Spaniard. Venezuelan people are very homey and family oriented people they just love to spend time with family and friends.

Have an Adventure Doing some Fun Activity’s

Venezuela has a very popular hobby for running and jogging and many people like to jog in the mountains. Venezuela is home to the worlds biggest waterfall Angel Falls its is an AMAZING experience and super fun. They have many beaches at short distance from Caracas that are just magnificent