Assessing Student Understanding

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Today's Learning Target

I can use the iPad as a tool to assess student learning.

Success Criteria

•I can create and run a Socrative quiz.

•I can access and use student data results from Socrative.

•I can create a Google Form to share with students.

•I can access and use student data results from a Google Form.

•I can identify at least one other tool I can use for student assessment via the iPad.

Assessment Tool Resources

Other Options:

1. can be used to create boards for posting entrance/exit tasks, have students post a short-answer response question to assess understanding of a learning target, etc.

2. is a game-based classroom response system that is great for review or a quick formative assessment. Easy to use and engaging for students.

Coming Soon: Assessing Student Understanding, Part 2

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 4-6pm

Bates, Room 100

Course ID 2303

Level: Black Diamond

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