Savvy Tech Support

By: Hailey, Joseph, Katrina, & Nick

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Welcome to Savvy Tech Support's official website! We work only on weekends from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and can fix any problem with your technology.


Hailey Mest-CEO

Hailey is the best CEO we could ask for because she has lots of experience with Apple devices. She is caring, helpful, & friendly and can fix any problem with electronics.

Nicholas Bauer-Technical Director

Nick is a great employee for Savvy Tech Support to have. He is a caring person when it comes to our company, and he really loves helping people out with their technical problems. Nick can help people in need of assistance with tech. Nick is a hard worker when it comes to tech.

Joseph McCraken-CFO

Joseph has experience with helping people and technology. Many times at his house he has helped with technology, because he is most skilled (besides his father, who works on a computer) He loves to go his computer and play Minecraft.

Katrina Clark-Marketing Director

Katrina has a lot of experience with technology. She has a laptop, tablet, and IPod at home. She also is great at handling our marketing. She has made our wonderful business cards and logo. Katrina is outgoing, and a hard worker and helps Savvy Tech Support move forward.

Contact Us

Our location is at 567, Tech Street Savvy Town, Pennslyvania. The building we are in is in one of our employee's houses. The town has no crime, like Boyertown. And Savvy town is a place with nice people & nice animals.