Hero and the Journey

Author and contributor: Jayna Ennis

Essential Questions

  1. How do circumstances and events impact the development of a hero?- A hero develops in whatever circumstances they have to. If the circumstances change, so does the hero because they are not needed for the circumstance before anymore.
  2. How does a hero reflect the values of his/her society?- A hero depicts what the values of his/her society are. If the society values bravery and wisdom, the hero is brave and wise.
  3. How can a hero inspire or motivate an entire society?- They help as many in the society as they can, and the stories spread.
  4. How do heroes display archetypal traits?- Thor displays archetypal traits of a hero. He is strong, and saves the world, and the people he cares about. He nearly always has help though. Whether it's his friends from Asgard, Loki, or even Jane Foster, Thor has help. A firefighter displays archetypal traits. They are courageous, save people, and help whoever they can.