Friedl-Dicker Brandeis

by Caroline O'Hara


Known for her paintings, Freidl-Dicker Brandeis was born in Vienna, Austria on July 30, 1898. Freidl-Dicker Brandeis had a poor Jewish family. She had a mother and a father, named Simon Dicker and Karolina, who died in 1902. Simon Dicker was a stationary shop assistant and Freidl got her supplies from her dad, which he got from the stationary shop.

Where Friedl Learned Art

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis went to the secondary school for girls in Vienna. She studied photography and print techniques at the Experimental School of Graphics, then studied at the textile faculty of the Viennese Royal School of Applied Arts.

Events, Circumstances or Influences to the Artist

Friedl painted and drew withe the kids that were in the concentration camps to make them feel like they weren't in a dangerous place, and so they didn't think about dying when they were drawing.

Important Accomplishments of the Artist

Friedl accomplished getting children's hopes up in the concentration camps when they were creating artwork with her.

Artwork by Friedl Dicker-Brandeis