China and Arab Middle East


China wanted to be free from other countries that owned part of their land. China finally became independent when communism came into power. Yet the British still got resources from them because they still had control of some parts of China. Trying to break away for Britain was difficult with their lack of resources. Now China is one of the top trading countries and one of the biggest world powers.


India wanted their independents from the British because they were forced to fight for them in WWII for democracy without being able to have their own independents. The Indians started peaceful protest that turned to violence with riots causing Britain to slowly leave but with that tension and violence started growing between Hindus and Muslims. India decided to split India into 2 parts, Muslim East and West Pakistan and Hindu India.Then Pakistan was split to make Bangladesh. Now India is one of the most populated nations in the world.

Final Question

Many countries wanted to gain independence because of nationalism and they didn't like being controlled. Most countries didn't have a say in the laws and rules for their people in the country. Also their economical status was not good and they were poor.