Radio/ TV Anouncer

By: Jack Liese

About Announcers

Radio or TV anouncers are usualy talking about station information, commercials, open and close programs, present on news, sports, weather ect. You have to be very quick to thinking! It is very important that you don't mess up on stage.

At any Important event!

Announcers are at almost every big or important event. Probably every highschool sports level and up is going to have an announcer.

Here are some great anouncers!

Money and Education

The average pay for a year of announcing is $27,750, for an hour is $13.34. You need a bachelor's degree in programs such as communication ,broadcasting, or journalism. Although, you do not need a high school diploma.
How to Become a Radio Announcer : Voice Technique for Radio Announcers