Who am I?

Paige Barrett


I value faith, family, health, and being happy. I say this because I think having a strong relationship with God is very important, family should always come first, staying healthy and keeping my family healthy is a big value of mine so I know they are safe, and being happy is important because life should be enjoyed.


I would say I am an extrovert, which means I am a very outgoing person and I am not very shy around others. I like to be involved with other people and I love going out and just enjoying life.

Free Time

In my free time I play sports, such as basketball, softball, and soccer. I also love to hang out with my friends or family. During the summer, I enjoy going out on my boat and swimming and if I am not doing any of that I am probably sleeping!

Favorite Subject

My favorite subject is math because I enjoy working out problems. I would say I am pretty good at math as well.

How do I learn best?

I learn best by saying and writing down the information. It helps me retain better. When I am studying for tests or vocabulary, I like to write down each term and definition. I also like reading out loud so I can keep the information in my mind longer.

Skill or Talent

I can talk to anyone without much trouble. I am not a shy person at all. I could walk into a group of people I barely know and start a conversation off right off the bat!

Life beyond high school

I plan on going to college and then getting a degree. I want to get married and have a family at some point, but after I graduate. I want to get a good job, or have a career in something I love, that way I am enjoying my life while providing for my family.

Five years from now

I think five years from now I will be finishing up college or be close to it. I think I will have my life pretty much planned out. Hopefully I won't have children or be married yet because like I said before I want to be able to support them before I have them or start a family up.

10 years from now

I think 10 years from now I will have a job, working towards a career. I will hopefully be married, but not have kids. I want to wait a little more than that before I start a complete family.

I am social

I am a very social person. I don't mind talking to anyone and everyone. I like to talk to large groups or one on one. I hate being alone so when I get older and get a job, I need to be in a work environment where many people are involved.

Bodily Kinesthetic

I am bodily kinesthetic. This means that I like to be involved in movement (or athletics).


I base a lot of my decisions off feelings. I believe that if I have a bad feeling about a situation or if I don't want to do it because it goes against my morals, I won't do it. Also if something is making me feel bad, I probably will try changing things to make me happy again. This is because I think it is very important to be happy in life.