Postive Paige

Jay Asher , Marquez brown


  • Paige rawl
  • Dr.cox
  • Yasmine
  • Lila
  • Madison
  • Heather
  • Annie
  • Paige Mom

Brief Summary

This book is about a girl who finds out she was born with Hiv and her dad gave it to her mom.Paige goes through times where she thought could trust her friends but she learns she can't.One of her bestfriends end up telling her secret to the whole 7th grade saying she has aids when she really just has Hiv. Paige goes through times where she had friends calling her paids and spreading rumors about them.

Character Analysis

Trait: Hiv postive

Evidence.Before she was the hiv virus was already in her system

Trait 2: open-minded

Evidence. 'Everbody got something I told her i had HIV'

Quote from or about character

'Everybody's got something"


You go through painful moments but on the other side of the hard times are for better ones.

Important event (Briefly summarize)

When yasmine tells the whole 7th grade paige has Aids when she really just has Hiv and people start calling her paids.
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I would recommend this book for people who have bestfriends but there friends fight but make up in the end.