Movie Fact or Fiction

National Treasure 2

Summary of National Treasure 2

This movie is about Ben Gates and his history of his family. He is trying to clear his family name after a missing page from a book comes up about the people who had been involved in the death of Abraham Lincoln. He goes threw this journey with his family and another guy named Mitch Wilkinson to find "The city of gold."

Why I chose this film?

I chose this because the adventure part was really interesting with me. Even though most of it wasn't real it was more captivating to me. the other film had more action in it but it was not the most interesting film to me.



  • There is a dairy of John Wilkes Booth
  • There is a secret compartment in the presidents desk
  • There are tunnels under the white house
  • Words are on the lady liberty statue on the torch in France
  • There is a city of gold inside mount rushmore.
  • The president has a secret book
  • There are tunnels under the Mount Vernon estate

2 Events/things that were inaccurate

  1. There is not a city of gold in Mount Rushmore. The only thing they have is a room that has writing on it about important documents that we have. They could have instead tried to find this room and say that there is a document that has the wrong information and they need to go and find out what is the truth
  2. There is no writing on the torch in France. On the tablet there is writing of the date at which the larger Parisian replica was inauguarted.
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