The Prince of Mist

A Mysterious Thriller

The Mystery Starts

The story The Prince of Mist by Carlos Zafon is an extrodianry thriller and heart beating text. It is a young adult that has a lexile number of 990. The characters of this book go from the ages of 14 to 18 targeting middle school and highschool students. This book has also won a 1st prize award winner. I suggest for it to be located in Ridgeview's library.


There are always good princes that do great things and go on to be great leaders, then there will always be the bad ones that are jerks. This prince is a little more then just a jerk. By reading The Prince of Mist, you will find out the third type of princes and a mystery behind it.
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My book especially left me hooked. Some people may say mysteries are too predictable, but The Prince of Mist is not so obvious. As many thrillers and mysteries are, authors keep you predicting and guessing what will happen. Readings come to think they will know the plot line of the whole book with mysteries. Carlos Ruiz Zafon keeps you guessing all throughout the book. If you think one thing will happen, there is a high chance it will not unless it is obvious.


The content of The Prince of Mist flowed very well with each event leading up to another. Although this book does not teach a lesson of some sort, it provides great descriptions and paragraphs of emotion to grab you more into the experience. For this description it describes about a lonely cemetery and tomb of a dead man. "An aura of sadness seemed to surround the tomb and, although it was obvious that it hadn't been visited for some time, the echoes of pain and tragedy felt recent." (Zafon 139) The author was also very consistent. I felt like he didn't go too much into detail but reassured me to know the subject. Another example includes of the author including only some detail too add on. "He raised his eyebrows the same way Maximilian Carver did, and she saw the reflections in his gray eyes, the bundle of nerves buried just beneath the surface of his skin." (Zafon 97)
The Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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The setting was sketchy as well as the families home but that was just a great setup for the main character, Max. Max was an explore and very curious of his surroundings. Since the characters were around my age they could be relatable to me. Max has an older sibling named Alicia just like I do. Another thing included is how the younger teen or person always gets disclosed. This happens to Max when his sister meets a new boy which has most likely happened to all younger siblings in real life. There includes a scene when Roland, the boy liking Max's sister is caught staring at her. "She's my sister, not a piece of cake. Okay?" (Zafon 65) Even though Max would seem like an average boy, he is not. When something suspicious pops up, he goes towards it. He also is very interested into the strange paranormal things that happen. As I speak for most kids, I am sure most would not want to be in a real life situation dealing with that.
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Final Thoughts

By reading The Prince of Mist and having it in our library, not only will it be entertaining but also a good mystery keeping you in the pages. With more and more people reading good books our school will be more knowledgeable. Kids like me mostly like books that are interesting and entertaining. Read The Prince of Mist for a lot of checkouts and a thrilling time.
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