Forest Fires

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What Causes Fires

Forest fire are caused by lightning, volcanic eruption, and spontaneous combustion. Hot climates are big reason fires start. About 83% of forest fires happened in 2006. The most ways a fire gets started is by people. Extreme fires are not easy to stop even water can make them worse. In the past year or two have been really bad forest fires from the dry hot weather. Forest fires are a really important and can get very hazardous if not stopped

Dangers Of Forest Fires

Dangers To Having Forest Fires

Habbitat getting destroyed by wild fires killing lots of wildlife. Fires can spread over large areas of land and won't stop. Forest fires are not just a danger to animals but also humans. Simple ways to prevent fires no open fires no fireworks on dry land are the many ways that start fires. When it warm and windy you should be cautious. A firefighter has a really important job their are four stages of a fire the incipient when heat,oxygen and fuel source combine having a chemical reaction. The second stage is growth how far it spreads and where it starts. The third is fully developed meaning the fire has reached it full max. The fourth is decay when the fire stops.