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January 2015

Happy New Year and welcome back!

We hope everyone had a very happy holiday break! Many high school students begin their new year with a resolution or two. Many of them choose academic goals such as, raising their GPA or grade in a particular course. Here are a few suggestions for things you might want to consider...

Get Organized: Not being able to find your "stuff" is a big time waster. Unorganized students spend precious time searching for papers, files, notes, passwords, etc. They often forget and miss meetings or arrive late. They have so many details floating through their minds, that focusing on the present task is difficult. STOP and take time to get organized. Organize your notes, backpack and study space, etc. Use digital technology when possible, to save time and space.

Organize your study space: Your study space is critical to your ability to study effectively. It should be comfortable, free of distractions, well lit, and have supplies and files nearby. Take time to get organized. Plan a specific time each day to study and stick to it.

Manage your time: Managing time is a big challenge. With so much to do and so little time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Don't let stress and deadlines take over your life. Managing yourself is essential to success. Use a calendar system (daily, weekly, monthly...). Create "to do" lists. Schedule some time (even if it is just 20 minutes) to work on school work each day (while the material is fresh in your mind). Be flexible, allowing time for interruptions and distractions. When you are interrupted by others or "seemingly" urgent tasks, ask yourself, "What is the most important thing that I need to do right now?" Use your answer to plan your time and get back on track.