Global Art Critique Project

a global visual arts classroom project on edmodo

Visual Arts Teachers... Want a Cool Way to Utilize Edmodo Globally in your Classroom?

I would like to try a global art critique project this year. I picture it as an Edmodo Group where students can join, upload artwork from the school year and our students can critique and discuss the artwork (following the formal art critique steps). I see this page as a k-12 global tool. If you are interested in participating in this project please join my group:

Also feel free to direct message me with any questions!
Step 1: Teachers join group
Step 2: Students join group
Step 3: Students select one artwork per quarter to upload to Edmodo group. Students should post title of artwork and their state / country and the grade they are in.
Step 4: Teachers can then set parameters for their students to post critiques and comments to the artworks that have been uploaded.
Step 5: We realize we have worked together to provide a place for students to collaborate globally to discuss, critique and appreciate artwork!