Lyndon B. Johnson

By Joseph An

Election of 1864

  • Shortly after the death of Kennedy, Johnson takes an oath to become president on the plane that was carrying Kennedy to Washington
  • Barry Goldwater(republican) vs Lyndon B Johnson(democrat)
  • Johnson wins electoral vote 486 to 52
  • An attack ad was made against Goldwater, depicting a girl blowing up after picking a "nuclear" mushroom, showing what would happen if Goldwater is elected
  • Johnson effectively counterargues Goldwater's criticisms of nuclear ban tests, civil rights laws, social security, etc.

The Great Society

  • Johnson's political agenda that hoped to improve human welfare
  • Called for "war on poverty" which started a billion dollar program and extending to 3 billion in 1966
  • Created the Department of Transportation and Department of Housing/Urban Development
  • Promoted medicare for the elderly and poor, voting rights, and allowed for more immigrants
  • Project Headstart- funded money for preschool kids that couldn't afford it
  • Immigration and Nationality Act- Extended the Immigration act of 1924, allowed for more foreign immigration

24th Amendment

  • forbade poll taxes(pay in order to vote)
  • ratified January 1964

The Vietnam War

  • Johnson orders Operation Rolling Thunder in 1965- completely bombing north Vietnam
  • The all-out war caused many people to avoid being drafted.
  • Doves: people who were against the war, hawks: people for the war
  • Tet Offensive demonstrated that north vietnam was not completely weak and that war would be prolonged
  • Tonkin Gulf Resolution- allowed president to retaliate against belligerents

Johnson's Civil Rights

  • Voting Rights Act- banned literacy tests for voting polls, would lead to more southern black voters
  • Malcolm X- confident speaker, but is also racism towards white men
  • Stokely Carmichael started the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
  • Carmichael preached Black Power, a slogan that called for all blacks to strive for political and economic power

1968- A Watershed Year!

  • Martin Luther King assassinated on April 1968; marked the end of non-violent protests
  • Robert Kennedy was shot and killed; signifies the extent of how far someone is willing to go to keep segregation going
  • The Tet Offensive brought many American casualties