Attention Parents!

Get in with the know

Welcome to the New Era of Technology

Lets face it parents - you're not as cool as you used to be (in a teenager's perspective), and times have changed. It's time to be aware of social media tools that can help your students learn more visually while having fun as well. Computers and technology have come a long way since you were kids. We've gone away from chalk and blackboards to interactive SmartBoards. Standard paper and pencil have been replaced with shiny new iPads. Not only is technology more convenient, it helps learning be more efficient, and can spark more imagination and creativity in students. In order to keep you involved with your child's learning methods, we suggest you familiarize yourselves with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Use Your Computer!


Parents! The time is NOW! Technology is already expanding so rapidly, it is important to get involved with your children to help them learn OUTSIDE the physical classroom and INSIDE the virtual classroom. Studies show that students who are more connected to each other learn much more than students who keep to themselves. Connect with your kids, and help them get connected to each other!