Christmas Get together

come and join us!

Western front get together

come and join us on this great day to celebrate the day that we play games,eat,sing,and stand by fires. Be ready to trade for various things including cigars,sausage,beer,and cloths and the things are endless. we hope to see you and become the best of friends.

Friday, Dec. 25th 1914 at 12pm

No Man’s Land

come right in the center of the battlefield and wait for the others to come.
7:00-9:00 eat and drink light refreshment

9:00-11:00 have fútbol matches and other sport

11:00-1:00 begin trading

1:00-4:00 eat lunch and drink beer and whiskey

4:00-7:00 talk and play more fútbol

7:00-10:00 sing and sit by bonfires

10:00 all go back to trenches

Berardi-Party inc.

we are Berardi party incorporated we believe that all should have the right to we and create the best party they have ever seen