U.S. Postal Service

Mason Kuhl


- Established by Benjamin Franklin- July 26, 1775 in Philadelphia

- Benjamin Franklin served as Postmaster General until November 7, 1776

- This is how the American Colonies carried messages to each other

- in 1707 the rights to the USPS were bought by the British Government

- 1789 the first Federal Post office was formed

- 1914 the USPS received its own abundance of post mail carriers


- It was established due to mail becoming more and more popular and they need some better form of transporting mail

- Mainly the USPS delivers mail such as: letters, bills, and ordered products

- Back then they didn't have phones so it was just a basics main way of communicating

USPS Today

- Patrick R. Donahoe is the current leader of the USPS

- As time goes on less people use USPS because the Internet and phones make it easier and faster to deliver Mail