Squirrels and Litter

Tyler Texas State Park

By: Jeremy L., Luke C., Peyton C., Brandon E., and Rodrigo Z.

The Fox Squirrel

Scientific Name: Sciurus niger

The Fox Squirrels are one of the many types of animals that inhabits Tyler Texas State Park. The squirrels eat nuts like acorns, fruits, and vegetables.

Current Situation of the Park

Litter has been accumulating inside the park because of close highways and interstate roads. This litter primarily affects the Carbon Cycle.

How does this litter affect the squirrels?

The litter and trash that is accumulating up can attract squirrels causing them to eat some of the trash or other human foods. Human food is not natural for the squirrels and can harm them. This disrupts their eating habits and cycles. The squirrels natural food would also be contaminated from the litter.

What trash does to the atmosphere?

Trash releases CO2 into the air increasing carbon dioxide levels and lowering Oxygen levels. This can be harmful to organisms, like the Fox Squirrel.

How we can fix it?

The people who visit Tyler Texas State Park can be more careful with their trash and not litter. More trash cans can be placed around the park to ensure that people will throw their trash in the cans instead of the ground. Raising awareness to the visitors can help motivate them to stop.

Lastly having community cleanups can help the trash levels in the park.