What is digital foot print?

A digital footprint is the data trail left by the interactions in a digital environment; including the use of TV, mobile phone, the World Wide Web, the internet and other connected devices and sensors.The activities and behaviors recorded may include system login and logouts, visits to a web-page, accessed or created files, emails, chat messages or any other material showing the activities undertaken.

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Debate 1(reasons 1)

Negative foot print than no foot prints at all..I think it is better because having no footprints left means nothing is known about you.Now the better to have no foot prints...Well do you actually want people to know your bank account information?

Debate 2(reasons 2)

Better negative than no.....Well if we do something wrong then who cares it was our choice.No foot prints...Ok but lets say you become a famous person,people would know what you did and it will be hold against you.

Debate 3(reasons 3)

Better to have negative than no foot prints.....Well the stuff that is done will make you loose your job but who cares you have more stuff that will go on in your life,you can also get a job even not as good as the other but ah what ever.No foot prints....Well know that this will go in your record and will make you loose your other not so good job and maybe you will be a huge disappointment to your family.


Better negative than none...(SIGHS) your right.Well I think we know the truth let this not just be a blogging challenge post but a lesson.