Abby Alescio

The Bible

The bible is the holy book. The bible was written by disciples. It explains the beliefs and things that happened while the disciples were with Jesus.


Christians believe in heaven and hell. They believe that you get to heaven by following the Ten Commandments. It is a monotheistic religion which means they believe in one god. Christianity started in Jerusalem, modern day Israel.

The Ten Comandments

The Ten Commandments in a set of rules you follow if you are Christian. Some of them are not to lie, steal or commit adultery ect. if you do not follow these you are sinning. You can ask for forgiveness by praying.

The Crusades

The Crusades was a conflict between Roman Empire and Christianity. The romans believed that the Christians were cannibals because of communion. They said they were drinking blood and eating flesh but it was really bread and wine. This conflict also happened because the romans wanted the Christians to follow there gods but the Christians said no.