A Little Free Library

There is a small library that is in the area of Taco Bell. It is called Little Free Library. It is like a mailbox but it is see through and filled with books. You can give or take books. There are picture books for little kids and chapter books for older kids and adults. The directions are walk across the street from Taco Bell to the houses near Taco Bell. Take the second left and walk up a bit.

Written By: Jordan


Homerun! The past two weeks we have been playing wiffleball at P.E. The first week one group played pickle while the other played a wiffleball game. Your probably wondering what pickle is, it's a game where there's two runners, two bases, two catchers, and the rest of the people are runners trying to run base to base without getting tagged. Wiffleball is pretty much like baseball but its safer because it has a plastic bat and plastic balls called wiffleballs. Since some people don't play baseball we play with 4 good pitches and 3 outs.

By, Ben

Reading with a Pro

For reading with a pro is were school class compete for a baseball player from the padres.The every 150 pages you read you get a movie ticket.

Character Crew

Character crew is a fun activity that Mrs.I runs & fourth & fifth graders record little skits that show the 6 traits of character.To get in you fill out a form that asks why you should get to record the skits.After that you wait to see if you get picked.YAY!

So if you get picked you can record puppet plays, interviews, skits, or anything else you want!At the end we have a super fun PIZZA party!!!!Our classes get to watch the videos we make and relax.

Written By: Emmie & Teju

Magnifecent Midway

We had so much fun on the Midway!!!!!!! We got to explore the ship, learn about electricity and magnetism and take a quiz. The prize of the quiz was lunch!!! One of the quizzes was fill in the blank and the other quiz was a hands on activity. We got to explore parts of the ship were visitors were allowed to go. It was the generator were they powered the important parts of the ship like the guide lights. The Midway was an amazing experience. We want to say thank you to all the great volunteers and chaperones.

Thank You,

Mia & Elise

Research Writers!

1 week ago the class was working on our research writing everyone in the class had to pick a topic off of a piece of paper some of our topics are, George Tebbetts, The Kumyaay, Women miners, Chinese miners and much more. We have all finished typing them up they all look wonderful! everyone has worked very hard. This is a big part of our grade they were due on May 29, 2015

Thank you for reading,


Running Club

Our class is working hard to get the golden shoe. On Tuesday May 19, 2015, we had our very last Running Club. We are wanting to get more ribbons. Most people had a goal of 50 miles. Many other classes were running like real roadrunners! Thanks for reading!


Gold Rush!!!!!

This week was gold rush!! We had soooo much fun! First we opened with getting gold nuggets on the field. We had the Julian Mining Company come. They did activities like, Panning, using a Long Tom, and using a cradle. When we mined we found fake gold and gems. Also we did a tiny skit and a little dancing. We had delicious root beer floats. Then the teachers put on activities around the end of the day. By: Reid