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As you read the opening article on you will notice a significant about of satirical content. The page opens up with the headline, “Republicans Scolded for Failure to Ridicule”. In this article a republican chairman discusses the need for his fellow party members to laugh or make fun of the democrats ideas; even the “best” democratic ideas. The outdated website is clearly a spoof and the only credibility it has is the words spelled correctly. The website is very user friendly since it’s simply a one page website; there are no links that read to more “Untrue News”. If someone were to ask me if I would recommend this website it would be an absolute NO!

Political Views

The top headline talks about a republican bashing Clinton for the sex scandals that involved him. Mehlam, the republican chairman, also talks about how poor he talks about the Democratic ideas to lead the country even if he somewhat admits they would be beneficial for the country. Although the top headline is bashing the sex scandals of former democratic president Clinton, the article is also giving a bad name to the Republican Party with the sarcastic satirical article quotes by Mehlam.


Sarcasm is definitely a significant part of this “news” website as they try to capture the readers with dry humor and exaggeration talking about politics on the opening page.


The website is heavily centered around politics and in my opinion leans towards the opinions of the Democratic Party. I believe the website targets die hard democrats who would enjoy a good article to laugh at involving previous members of the Republican Party who have had a few rough years in the government.


The satirical effectiveness in the article “Mumbai wants to be Bombay again” was definitely lacking maybe due to the fact that it was a short article. There were two satirical references that stood out, "smack in the middle of" a blotter acid--crystal meth high and "at the time thought Mumbai was the coolest name ever"(McGuffin) and the title. I wouldn’t say that McGuffin ridicules his target however he does poke fun at the fact that Mumbai wants to change their name again.