On the Lake

When I woke up when went to Lake Michigan to go fishing. When we got there we found our boat and set off when we were far enough to start fishing the captain put 10 fishing poles on the side and we started to fish. When the first hit came I reeled it in and it was a small King salmon. When we started to head back the captain flayed the fish so we did not eat the guts or the bones the seagulls started dive bombing our boat as they came out of the fog. When we came to shore we headed back. Then it was a average day of playing video games.
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Another Lake!

When I woke up another day when I woke up I forgot it was time to go to my dad's friend Jack's house. We started driving when we got there we went down to the lake we went onto the boat he had and started to sail along the lake with some people who were also at Jack's house. He had a lot of neat stuff cause he owned his own company. when we left after dinner we went to the hotel that we booked so we could sleep the night. When we woke up we had Breakfast which was bad and expensive. We drove home to a normal day
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When I woke up in the morning my babysitter was at my house and we decided to go to the zoo. We drove in the car for 2 hours in the blazing sun which made the car hot, but when we got there it was worth the ride. The first thing we saw was a turtle scuttling about in its cage. Then we saw the monkey and mammals like a lions and baboons. After that we headed to the reptile house and saw some cool lizards and crocodiles. After a snack we went to the giraffe cage where we could feed the giraffes. I don’t think it worth the money because we did not go in the cage, we just fed them crackers. After that we saw the rest of the donkeys and other mammals then we went home the end.
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