Thoughts and Thanks from Mrs. C

Winter Break News and Thank You's


I try every year to write thank you notes for each gift I receive. It means so much to me that you thought about me and showered me with treats for my birthday and Christmas.

I live in fear that I'm going to forget someone or that a gift gets lost and not found until January!!

This year I'm writing those notes but I'm also sending out this page. I'm hoping to convey my thoughts and feelings (plus give you pictures) of the fun I've had this week with your children.

I hope your winter break is restful and peaceful. I hope you get to spend time with your families and enjoy every minute of it. I plan on doing that plus sneaking off to read in a quiet corner from time to time...

One more thing-

Our friend Jessica and her family are moving and we are so sad for us but excited for their adventure in a new country! We are going to miss Jessica's bright smile and awesome art.

Birthday Fun!

My birthday was a fun Monday. The class sang my favorite song to me every hour and we even had guest singers from time to time! We enjoyed cupcakes from my room moms and I also brought in cupcakes that I made thanks to Pinterest.

The gift cards were an unexpected treat and if you were a part of that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! My other gifts were just as amazing!

Making Snowflakes

I noticed some beautiful snowflakes hanging in the window of a fifth grade classroom. When I inquired, I learned that a student and his mom created them. The fifth grader's mom came down on Tuesday and showed us how to make 6 pointed snowflakes. The class learned that real snowflakes are six pointed and all are different. There were snowflake remnants everywhere but boy was it exciting!!

Our Class Party

Today was our party and if you were here then you know there was a palpable energy in the room. We had good food, games, art and a talent portion to our party.

It was great to see so many adult faces in the room. Thank you for coming! If you couldn't make it, lucky for you that I took pictures!

Special thanks go to Mike and Angie for all of their hard work behind the scenes to keep things running. The party was a success!

Don't Forget!

The first day back is Monday, January 7th! We are going to start working as soon as the bell rings so make sure breakfast, snack, and a good night's sleep have been taken care of.

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- We will be reviewing all concepts learned the first semester: time, money, graphs, patterns, addition, subtraction, and temperature.

Science- We will be studying ROCKS!!! (My favorite unit.)

Writing- We are going to be using this time for research and writing about different cultures.

Reading- We will be learning about different cultures and using our research skills to add to our schema.

Spelling/Handwriting- Review, review, review!! (Jan. 12th is Handwriting Day-known around here as Anti-Chicken Scratch Day around here!)

Class Wish List

We have received everything on our wish list!! Thank you to McKenna and family for gifting us with snack baggies and dry erase markers for our mini white boards! We are set to start 2013 in style!!

Let's Wear Our Class Shirts Every Friday!!