Sydney's Track Meet Preparation

Word Problems

Shopping for Equipment

Sydney had a track meet and wanted to get some new equipment at Luke's Locker . She bought new spikes for $54 and 4 headbands. After shopping she ended up with $24 dollars left. How much was each headband?


First you set up the equation like so, then you add 54 to both sides of the equation. Next you divide the answer you got from that by 4 and then you have your value of x!


Sydney is nervous about her first track meet. To take her mind off things she wants to figure out how many events are in a track meet. She knows that 7 people compete per event, she also knows 10 kids are competing in more than one event. She is is told that there are less than or equal to 165 kids going from her school. How many track events are there in a meet?


First you need to add 10 to both sides and you end up with 175. Next you need to divide 175 by 7 to get your answer. You end up with an answer of 25 track events are in a normal meet.