Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman Project by Natalie

Hello this is my Night of the Twisters project

In this project you will find



3.problem and souluntion


5.some facts about Grand Island Nebraska

6.The Hatche's new house

7.My opinion on the book

8.And a little link if you want to buy the book

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Dan Hatch he is the main character. He has been through a lot of tornados.

Aunt Goldie a mysterious character she gets lost for days and days.

Linda Hatch (Dan's mom)A caring person who loves Dan

John Hatch (Dan's dad) A tuff guy who is on a farm yard for most of the book.

Ryan (Dan's baby brother) An annoying kid.

Arthur Darlington Dan's best friend.

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If you want to see the movie it is for kids 9 and up!

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