Northen Coast of South America

About Venezuela

Venezuela is located on the northern coast of south America,Capital of Caracas.
Venezuela is a total of 916,445 square kilometers and a land area of 882,050 square kilometers,. Its climate varies the tropical humid to alpine. Climate of Venezuela is about 26 and 28 Celsius , 78 and 82 ferinheight. Venezuela is a presidential republic the chief executive is head of the state and government. Venezuela has 5 branches of government executive, legislative, judiciary, electoral, and citizen. Venezuela has various of special holidays and festivals such as La Paradura del Nino, and Drumming Feast of St. John. The music of Venezuela is a mixture of of the African, Spanish and native music. A Main dish Venezuelans eat is empanadas, Arepa and Perico.
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Alma Llanera

first edition of Alma Llanera, unofficial second national anthem of Venezuela
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Prediction of Population growth from 1931-2031

Most of the key trading in Venezuela is from Brazil, China, Columbia and Mexico.