Chloe's Alaska Food Web

6th Period

Alaska Biome

I chose Alaska for my biome due to it's unique animals. An example of predator and prey in this biome would be the Lynx and the mountain goat. A human effect would be global warming due to the pollution. If you removed the moose, the Lynx, coyote, and wolf would die. A symbiotic relationship in the biome would be between the Lynx, and the Mountain goat.

Relationships Between Organisms

An example of mutualism in Alaska would be the Artic poppy, and the Artic bumblebee. The bee gets nectar, and the poppy gets pollination.

An Example of commensalism would be the Artic fox, and the caribou. When the caribou digs a hole in a quest to find food, once it's done hunting, the fox digs deeper into the hole and gets it's food.

An example of parasitism would be the liver tape worm, and the Artic wolf. Anytime the wolf eats, the tape worm will absorb all the nutrients, and unfortunately, will cause the wolf to die.

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