Family Fun: Math Games

Games to Help Reinforce Math Skills

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Shorter Days and Colder Weather = Inside Games!

There are many benefits to using games to teach math:

1.Games are fun to play and allow for family engagement.

2. Games allow children to make connections between learning concepts and understanding how they are applies in the real world.

3. Games provide motivation for mastery.

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Rummikub is a 2-4 player classic game that combines Rummy with Mahjong and has lots of tiles to play with and sort. While Rummikub is also about color/ number matching, it is also a game of strategy and skill. With 106 tiles available, the number of combinations can stretch into the millions! To win, you must be the first player to eliminate all of the titles from your rack. It is recommended for players seven and up!
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Hi- Ho Cherry-O

The game of Hi-Ho Cherry-O consists of 2-4 players trying to accumulate 10 cherries (or some other fruit). Each turn consists of a player spinning a spinner to see how many cherries are obtained. Where's the math? Your early math learner will learn to count the number of cherries they are allowed to pick from the tree and ADD to their collection or SUBTRACT from their stash because they have landed on the image of a hungry dog or bird, or that of a spilled bucket of cherries!