The #1 Element!

Information About Hydrogen

History: It had been produced for a total of 95 years before it became an element! Robert Boyle produced hydrogen gas in 1671, and it was finally recognized as an element by Henry Cavendish in 1766.

3 Properties: Nonmetal, tasteless, and colorless.

Uses: To create water so we can survive, can be used as fuel, and helps produce Ammonia.

Compounds Containing Hydrogen: Hydrogen Fluouride (HF), Hydrogen Iodide (HI), and Water (H2O).

Periodic Table Information

Atomic Number/Mass: 1 | 1.00794 amu

Number of Protons/Neutrons/Electrons: 1 Proton, 0 Neutrons, and 1 Electron.

Nuclide Notation: 2/1H , 3/1H , 1/1H

Hyphen Notation: Hydrogen-1 Hydrogen-2 Hydrogen-3

Model of Hydrogen

Number of Valence Electrons: 1

Group Name and Information

Hydrogen's Group: Hydrogen is not in a group, because it's not a metal and it's placed in the 1st Group which are Alkali Metals.

Group Properties:

  1. Lightest Element
  2. Smallest Element
  3. Forms Many Bonds
  4. Three natural isotopes which are protium, deuterium, and tritium.
  5. It will explode 4-75% by volume in the presence of sunlight, a flame, or a spark.

Reaction Type

Reaction Type: Synthesis H2 + O → H2O Decomposition: H2O → H2 + O

Balanced Equation: 2H2+O2→2H2O

Mole Ratios: 2mol H2 : 1mol O2 | 2mol H2 : 2mol H2O | 1mol O2 : 1mol H2O

How to make water -- Hydrogen Oxygen reaction


Compound Formula: H2O

Compound Name: Water (or Dihydrogen Monoxide in fancy terms).

Type of Bonding: Polar Covalent bond,, Hydrogen bond, and dipole-dipole Forces.

% of Composition of each element: Hydrogen is 11.1% and Oxygen is 88.9%.

Creative Slide (Poem)

Acrostic Poem:

Has one Proton

You need it to survive

Don't mix it with an AlkalI Metal

Ranked #1 element

Offers many compounds

Generates many types of bonds

Explodes when exposed to certain elements

Not an Alkali Metal

Types of Hydrogen Bonds:

  1. peptide
  2. serine
  3. threonine
  4. glumatic/aspartic acid
  5. glutomine /asparagine
  6. histidine
  7. lysine
  8. arginine
  9. tryptophan
  10. tyrosine


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