Did you ever see a Rhinoceros run?

Have you ever seen a rhinos run before? People think that because they have stumpy legs they can’t run fast but they can! Rhinos can run so fast that they can run up to 40 miles per hour. Rhinos charge when they are also surprised or scared. Now we know that rhinos are fast runners.

Where can I find a Rhino ?

Have you ever seen a Rhino?

Many rhinos are found in Africa. Rhinos are gigantic animals. They are heavy and weigh more then 5,000 ponds. Rhinos have a hard time seeing, but have a good sense of smell and can hear very well. A rhino's skin looks rough and tough, but it is not, because there skin is like our skin. Rhinos are very unique!

Fun Facts

  • The word rhino comes from the Greek word meaning "nose horn".
  • The largest rhino is the white rhino.
  • A calf can stand up less than a few hours.
  • The black rhino is the strongest.
Don't get in the way of a black rhino charge - Ultimate Killers - BBC wildlife