Design Cycle

MYP Technology grade 7


Students (and adults), especially when working with technology, tend to leap before they look – jumping right into the creating of the actual product before they think about what they would like it to look like, and what sorts of design elements and features are important in the final product. By following the Technology Design Cycle, students are forced to take the time to investigate and plan before they begin creating. This gives them the opportunity to really understand what they want to accomplish with their finished product and how they will go about creating that prod


  • investigate
  • plan
  • create
  • evaluate.
This subject area is valuable for reinforcing and integrating skills learned in other disciplines, especially in the presentation and handling of data and the processes involved in the design and manufacture of a product. At the same time, it fosters awareness of the social and ethical implications of technological development

investigate- students must find out about the the subject the are doing.

plan- then they have to plan what they want to do.

create- then they have to create what they planned

evaluate- last they have to grade there own work and make improvements

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