Mrs. Dunn's Reading Room

Week of: November 9-13

This week:

Skill Focus : Objective Summary, Character

We have just begun our first novel study with the book Because of Winn Dixie. Last week, we looked at how plot elements interact. This week, we will focus on summarizing what we have read without including personal opinions. We will also analyze how the main character's words (dialogue) and actions move the plot events forward. Students will practice paired reading from the novel instead of the independent reading rotation for the next few weeks to work on fluency skills.

Connection Questions:

What did the main character do or say that caused a conflict?

How do one character's actions or words in this scene affect what happens next?

(How does the dialogue drive the plot forward?)

Vocabulary Focus:

Review: Root Word "aud, audi" - to hear, Root word "graph"-write

Vocab. Words: audible, audience, audition, audio, auditorium, graffiti, autograph, telegraph, graphite, paragraph

VOCAB QUIZ: Friday, November 13 over "aud" words and "graph" words.

PROJECT DUE: Vocabulary Think Tac Toe projects are due Thursday, November 12.


COMING UP NEXT WEEK: Vocab. Root Word: Photo - light; Continue novel study