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Crystal Springs Elementary School

The Weekly Wrap by Principal Nielsen- August 21st

Dear Crystal Springs Families,

All K-12 students will start on Wednesday, Sep. 2. This is a change from previous years when Kindergarten would begin a few days after all other grades. We are calling the first three weeks of school Community-Building Days. During this time teachers have an opportunity to get to know students and learn about the family’s interests and culture, while answering important questions and addressing any concerns.

Your classroom teacher will be reaching out to you in the near future to let you know what your child's daily schedule will look like and also have you sign-up for the one-on-one conferences.


Anne Nielsen

Fun Fact

Each week I will post a fun fact about either me or a staff member. I would love to learn a fun fact about each of you!

Mrs Nielsen has three dogs- two Bernese Mountain Dogs- Bear and Lucy and an English Bulldog- Pua.

What is your fun fact? Please send it my way-

Distance Learning Tips for Families


The guidance below can help us all make the best of new and unfamiliar distance learning environments. It can help you be ready for some of the more practical aspects of learning from home.

1. Establish routines and expectations

It is important to develop good habits from the start. Help students get up, get dressed, and ready to learn before the start of class time. Set routines and chores that help foster focus and routines. Keep normal bedtime routines, including normal rules for digital devices.

2. Choose a good place to learn

Your family’s regular learning space for occasional homework might not work for extended periods. Set up a physical location that’s dedicated to school-focused activities. Make sure it is quiet, free from distractions, and has a good internet connection. Make sure an adult monitors online learning. Keep doors open, and practice good digital safety. Our teachers, administrators, and staff teams will do the same.

3. Stay in touch

Teachers will mainly be communicating regularly through our online platforms and virtual learning environments. Make sure everyone knows how to find the help they need to be successful. Stay in contact with classroom teachers, and administration but understand it may take a day or two for us to respond. If you have concerns, let someone know.

4. Help students ‘own’ their learning

No one expects parents to be full-time teachers or to be educational and content matter experts. Provide support and encouragement, and expect your children to do their part. Struggling is allowed and encouraged! Don’t help too much. Becoming independent takes lots of practice. While on campus, your child usually engages with other students and any number of adults hundreds of times each day. Many of these social interactions will continue from a distance, but they will be different. You cannot replace them all, and that’s OK.

5. Begin and end the day by checking-in

In the morning, you might ask:

• What classes/subjects do you have today?

• Do you have any assessments?

• How will you spend your time?

• What resources do you need?

• What can I do to help?

At the end of the day you might ask:

• How far did you get in your learning tasks today?

• What did you discover? What was hard?

• What could we do to make tomorrow better?

These brief conversations matter. Checking in with your child helps them to process instructions they received from their teachers, and it helps them organize themselves and set priorities – older students too. Not all students thrive in distance learning; some struggle with too much independence or lack of structure. These check-in routines can help avoid later challenges and disappointments. They help students develop self-management and executive functioning that are essential skills for life. Parents are good life coaches.

Staggered Starts

To help families, we are staggering the start times of when students will logon each day. This way older siblings can help their brother/ sister. Here is the time your child will need to logon:

Kindergarten- 8:40

1st- 8:45

2nd and 3rd- 8:50

4th and 5th- 8:55

More information about what your child's daily schedule will look like will be sent to you by your child's teacher in the coming weeks.

CommUNITY Outreach

We are continuing to reach out to all of our CS community to establish liaisons for each neighborhood. Thank you to the 64 Neighborhood Liaisons who have currently committed to helping out to support our CS family! Once you receive information of who your neighborhood liaison is please be sure to connect with them for more information. A reminder that as information is circulating and updating on various media platforms, to refer to our CS website, Mrs. Nielsen's weekly newsletter, and to check in with your neighborhood liaison for information.

Are you in need of a device?

Please go to this form:

If you are in need of a device, please fill out the above form to receive any device on supply pick up day (date to be determined). Students without any internet access can request hotspots using the same form. One hotspot will be provided per family. Parents looking to get their devices exchanged can use the same form to swap out devices. Please bring the charger along with your old device if you are swapping out devices.

Crystal Springs School Supply Kit Purchases


Each grade level created a list to help your child be successful during online learning. If you are able to purchase a kit, the instructions are below. However, we want you to know that EVERY child will get a kit, whether you are able to buy one or not. Please let Mrs. Nielsen know if you have any questions.

Please follow this guideline for purchasing School Supply Kits

If you do not have a Touchbase Username and password, you can request one by emailing

Once you are emailed back your login information, wait 24 hours to make your purchase.

If we just created a login for you, then it takes the system time overnight to recognize the username and password.

You can then make your purchase by going to:

Distribution of the kits to EVERY student will be announced closer to the start of school. We DO NOT have a date set yet:)

Thank you for your support!

Learning Management System is coming- Schoology

We heard from many parents/guardians, students and teachers who wanted a single, easy location for classes. Schoology is our new learning management system. This tool provides students, parents/guardians and teachers a way to engage with learning materials from home, in the classroom and beyond. Families will be able to access course materials, grades, calendars and more! Invitations to create Schoology accounts will be emailed next week.

Tips for parents:

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

These can now be completed online. The online applications will be available in English and Spanish on the Northshore School District website at:

The application only takes a few minutes and is the fastest, easiest way to get approved.

Paper applications are also available in the school office and at the district office.


*Qualifying for free and reduced lunch also ensures your child receives financial support for school items such as sports, 5th grade camp and field trips.

Northshore Schools Foundation Flyer

Amazon donates

Purchase with purpose!! Amazon donates to Crystal Springs Elementary Parents and Teachers Association when you shop for supplies at

Search: Crystal Springs Elementary Parents and Teachers Association .