Local News Update

Headline: Wolf's Innocent!

Justice prevails! Mr Wolf is released!

Apr, 2014–Mr Wolf has been exonerated just this morning from Chokey Prison.

After countless reviews and numerous cross-examinations by the lawyers and jury of 4 Justice, the misunderstood wolf was finally released back home to a crying grandmother just in time for her 70th birthday.

"I may be big but I am not a bad person. In fact, I am quite the softie inside," said Mr Wolf, who teared in joy as he stepped out of prison. "I hope people would learn not to judge a book by its cover or someone by his or her face. Everyone deserves to get their side of the story heard!"

Shocking news: Lazy AND ill-mannered pigs framed Mr Wolf

Don't judge a book by his cover!

Although Mr Wolf was born with a fierce face, he has a heart of gold. Besides volunteering at least twice a week at a halal soup kitchen for the less fortunate. A filial child, he also visits his ailing grandmother regularly and the generous kid bakes wonderful cakes and pastries for his friends too.

The 4 Justice Court

Thanks to a helpful and thorough group of lawyers and jury from 4 Justice, the misunderstood wolf's innocence is revealed. Just like they did, do remember to heed both sides of the story before you make your judgment on anything!