Blanchard Band


Leadership Council 2015-2016

First of all, to everyone who applied, thank you for your effort and your willingness to go above and beyond to make our band better! We were very impressed with your work in your portfolios as well as your projects and dazzles. Our hope is that you learned something about yourself along the way. If you weren't chosen for a position, please feel free to come speak with us next week. Our office door is open and we want everyone to understand our reasoning. We love each one of you and all of you have value to our band. Enjoy your Friday off and we'll see you at the banquet on Saturday, 6:30pm at the Methodist Church (CLC).

That being said....drum roll please......

  • President, Connor Hopper
  • Vice President, Tara Thomason
  • Secretaries & Librarians, Hannah Roe & Kambry Swindell
  • Treasurers & Uniform Coordinators, Justin Ballou & Hannah Stallings
  • Historian & Online Coordinator, Ellie Stewart
  • Section Leaders
-Flute, Brenna Moulton

-Clarinet, Anna Stallings

-Saxophones, Connor Hopper

-Horn, Kambry Swindell

-Trumpet, Courtney Clark & Devin Young

-Trombone, Nova Aragon

-Baritone, Tammra Reece

-Tuba, Connor Neumann

-Drumline, Clayton Garner

-Guard, Bailey Silk

  • Drum major, Amie Reardon

Drum Line 2015-2016

A great bunch of clinics and we're starting off amazingly well! We have an incredibly strong drum line and from here we're going to get even stronger! Congrats to all on great progress and growth.


  • Clayton Garner
  • Alex Carroll

  • Aubrey Ellis

  1. Jesse
  2. Michaela
  3. Justin
  4. Pearce