Thanksgiving Story

Class Play

Hello Parents,

Students were given their lines for the Thanksgiving Story performance. They will read only the highlighted parts given. There will be one performance for each class. Families and friends are encouraged to attend. November 17th, 2:00 in the Chapel.

This will be taught with social studies lessons on Pilgrims and the Mayflower. Please help your child practice his/her part as much as possible. They will need to read their part without their card in hand. Please keep these cards in the zipper pocket so that we can practice at school as well.

This year I decided to let the kids choose if they want to be a Pilgrim or an Indian. I know this time of year can get busy, so please look into costume ideas as soon as you can. Costumes are not meant to be a burden or expensive. I am including a few links for ideas, but recommend looking to Pinterest or other websites for ideas if you plan on making a costume yourself.

Just to put into prospective as to how hard your child is working right now, remember that its only October and your child is not only learning math skills, math facts, sight words, spelling words, taking AR tests, learning spanish, but also they are learning all 44 presidents in order for a President's Day performance in February, they are learning Christmas songs for the Christmas program, and they are about to start learning their lines for a Thanksgiving play as well as many other things!! All of this at once!

Treat them to a movie, their favorite snack, or some special treat this long weekend! They are doing amazing things!!!

Helpful Links

I included some helpful links if you would prefer to spend $20 and not have to worry about making a costume. These are just helpful links and not at all requested costumes. You may find something you like better and that is perfectly fine! I just wanted to include something to make this easier, if easy is what you need!

DIY Costumes

You are more than welcome to borrow a costume (The now 2nd graders had costumes last year when they did this!), you can make a costume from cloth or felt, or from items you may already have. The possibilities are endless! As long as everyone is in costume, they will look amazing!
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