Walking for Epilepsy

the reaserch for epilepsy

The difficulties of epilepsy and why we need to help fight it.

People with epilepsy are able to live a full life, but because of the seizures they can cause physical injurys, like hitting their head when they fall when a seizure is accuring and they can get a concusion or fracturing a bone and etc. Most people who have epilepsy live a full life span but some time they ,y suffer from a SUDEP (suden unexpected death in Epilepsy) wich can happen at any time.

Why you should follow the epilespy foundation.

You should follow the epilespy foundation because this can help millions of families or friends who are suffering this mental illness. All you need to do is register at http://giving.epilepsyfoundation.org/site/PageServer?pagename=2012_Walk_Homepage&CFID=4397196&CFTOKEN=65004233 and you can walk to help put more research in to epilepsy and find out how to stop it.