Lori Wilson

Assisted Living Director

All About our Speaker

Lori Wilson is a single mother who works hard to support her daughter and herself. She is a assisted living director at Cedar Lake Village where she runs a very tight ship. Throughout her life she has overcome the loss of her father and her mother at a young age. She struggled with having ADD through out her young life and it caused her to drop out of high school. She overcame her struggle and got her GED and eventually went back to school and got her associates in nursing. Now in her early 40's she has her dream job and would not change anything.

The Purpose of the Message

By having Mrs. Wilson come talk it will show us that no matter what hardships we face there is always a way to overcome them. She can show us that it is possible to use all of core values in our daily lives and that she is a prime example. She can show us that we can do anything we want if we just put our minds to it and try.

The Message

The main message we would get from her would be that no matter what happens in our life we can achieve our goals.