Chinese School of Thoughts


The philosopher Confucius offers advice to China, he thought they should set a good example. Inforced the 5 relationships on people, to keep them nice to all of them. He put a filial piety to make the children stay close and respect their families. When Confucius died, Confucianism lived on, because of the Chinese.
The Terra-Cotta Warriors


Founded by philosopher Han fei zi, he thought nature of man was evil. greed was the reason for conflict so he put strict laws and harsh punishments. Made people work for the government and their projects.


Philosopher Daosim founded Taoism said harmony comes from balancing opposites forces of yin and yang. Also, that people should live in harmony with nature.Government officials have to take exams to prove they understand the principles.


Philosopher Sohartha founded Buddhism that reject conflict, they prefer to give way to yield like water. Meditation is important in promoting peace. He produced the Four Noble Truths and Reh Eightfold Path.