Mrs. Sheppard's Newsletter

October 3rd- 5th, 2016

Look At What We Are Learning!

Reading Routines and Habits–Envisioning How a Story Will Go
Students will use their learning to practice procedures for participating in new classroom community, reading independently, and working with partners.Readers develop good habits to support reading and make meaning across a variety of genres as they develop stamina Readers have routines and procedures to follow in a workshop setting.
Students will be able to: Read with engagement, stamina, volume and partners. Reads with continuity, finishes one book and begins another or re-reads. Reads 10-12 books in half an hour (Levels A-E), 2-3 books in half an hour (J and up). Shops and gathers “just right” books (8-10 books per week for A-E,6- 8 books for higher levels). Looks at partner and actively listens, provides some response.Have a collaborative conversation about their reading.Use illustrations to gain information about characters, setting, and events.Use text to gain information about characters, setting, and events. Ask and answer questions about key details Retell stories using a beginning, middle, and end with key details.Describe the setting by telling where and when the story took place.Identify the central message or lesson with prompting and support Demonstrate the rules and procedures for Reader’s Workshop.


Understand Place Value
Students will understand that...

Place value leads to number sense and efficient strategies for computation. Numbers are symbols that help us communicate value. Counting answers the question, “How many?” Symbols are used to compare numbers. Students will be able to: Use appropriate mathematical language in discussions: hundreds, tens, ones, bundles, left-overs, singles, groups, greater/less than,equal to, compare.Write a numeral based on a given amount of objects. Extend the counting sequence starting at any given number. Develop and discuss accurate counting strategies using: base ten


Writing Routines and Habits:Personal Narratives

Students will understand that...

Writers tell stories about their lives and experiences

Writers provide visual details that depict specific actions.

Writers follow a procedure for putting their ideas onto paper

Writers have routines and procedures to follow in a workshop setting.


Students will understand that...

Force creates change in motion.

A force can be seen or unseen.

Balance is a result of equal effort

Why do things move?

How does force create and influence movement?

What creates balance?
Why do things move?
How does force create and influence movement?
What creates balance?

Social Studies

Unit Title:

Civics and Government in our Community

Students will understand that...

Following rules maintains order, fairness and safety

in the community.

Authority figures in the home, school, and community influence the well being of people. Conflicts are often solved through

cooperation and communication

Why are rules different in different places and settings?
Why are authority figures important in our community?
How do we know a conflict has been resolved?

Students will be able to:
Explain why rules are necessary in different places and settings.

Classify the roles of authority figures and explain why they are needed

(school, home, community)

Explain what a conflict looks like, feels like and sounds like.Smmarize conflict resolutions at home, school, classrooms, and


Enore Schedule

Monday 3rd- Day 4 Art
Tuesday 4th Day 5 Music
Wednesday 5th Day 1 Makerspace
Thursday 6th Day 2 Chinese
Friday 7th Day 3 PE

Patterson Farms Field Trip

Wednesday, Oct. 5th, 10:15am

10390 Caldwell Road

Mount Ulla, NC

Parents need to meet us there by 10:15. The cost is 9:50 and you pay when you arrive. Wear an Odell shirt or green.

Our class shirts are not ready yet but we will have them for our next trip.

This trip consist of a presentation in the barn, feed the animals, either make a scarecrow or plant a plant, hayride and pick their own pumpkin. I will have bags and labels for the student's pumpkins. Just see me for their bag. Parents are also to pick a pumpkin.

Dress appropriate for the weather that day. Students do not need to bring anything with them on the trip except their lunch unless you ordered your child a bag lunch from the cafeteria.

Please send all disposable items in their bag lunch. We do not want to lose or have to keep up with water bottles, freeze packs, containers, silverware and lunchboxes. PLEASE label the bag with your child's name. We will eat a picnic lunch and play in the play area. We should arrive back to school around 2:00.

Your child will need to ride the bus to the farm to be counted present for the day, but you are welcome to sign your child out and leave with them from the farm (it will count as an early dismissal) or stay at the farm a little longer than we are able to stay.

Parents- there is a store on location that you are welcome to visit. We just won't be able to take the class to the store.

Also parents you are welcome to walk with your child as we go through the farm. I just need all parents to help watch our class. We will move as a class. Please speak to a child that is not behaving or doing something unsafe and/or let me know and I will be happy to talk to the students.

Directions from our school:

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Our lunch time is 11:00-11:30 each day.

You are welcome to come eat lunch with your child. Please meet us in the cafeteria at 11:00.

Parents and their child should seat at the parent tables near the stage.

Please talk with your child about what they are and are not allowed to purchase in the cafeteria. When students ask if the can buy extras (ice cream, cookies, etc.) I ask them if they have parent permission.

Encore Updates

This fall the Encore team has worked together to create a new cultural unit for our students. This means that during all of their encore classes, students are learning aspects about the culture of a country! We chose this topic since the Summer Olympics finished up in Rio a few weeks ago. Kindergarten classes are learning about United States, first grade classes are learning about China, and second grade classes are learning about India.

Here are a few details from each of our areas!


In the Media Center, classes are learning about folktales and how they are passed on from generation to generation. Each grade level is reading and discussing a folktale from the country they have been studying.

Maker Space

During our Makerspace time, classes from each grade level are working on architecture based projects. We started by focusing on features from each country's architecture and now are progressing to constructing famous buildings. Second grade is working in small groups to decide upon the materials needed to design and then build the Taj Mahal. First grade is working in larger groups to design and make construction decisions while building the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. Kindergarten will be working as a whole class to construct buildings that show the Federal style of American architecture.

  • Kindergarten is reading the tall tale of "Paul Bunyan."
  • First Grade is reading "Two of Everything: A Chinese Folktale."
  • Second Grade is reading "The Ghost Catcher: a Bengali Folktale."

Open checkout has been extremely successful this week! Remember, students may return their library book and check out a new one during a designated block of time each day, so make sure they are bringing their library books back to school!


On the 15th Sep 2016, it was the Mid-autumn Festival for Chinese people. We will eat moon cakes and enjoy the full moon. So In Chinese classes,we watched some videos to learn it. We talked about how and what people would do on this festival. In the meantime, we made our own moon together.


In P.E. we are beginning our movement and cooperative games units. Students are getting the opportunity to participate in activities where they are having to work together with other team members!! For our culture unit, students will soon be learning and performing a dance specific to their assigned country.

Kindergarten: Country Line Dancing


Currently, in Art class, we are continuing our cultural projects. Kindergarten students are handprint painting a HUGE American flag and the Olympic flag. First graders are looking at Chinese lanterns and parasols and are printing cherry blossoms for their backgrounds. Second graders are readying their Indian elephants for the annual Elephant parade and festival, celebrated in Jaipur.

1st Grade: Yang Ge

2nd Grade: Bhangra

I am very excited for the students to get to experience all of these new things!


Next Tuesday, October 4th, our Odell Primary students will have a special educational and theatrical treat! Duke Energy sponsors a National Childrens' Theater production titled CONSERVATION CAPER, and it will be at our location teaching our students about the importance of not wasting resources and electricity. Your child should have brought home to you earlier this week a flyer with information about the program. When you log on to or call the phone number provided on the flyer, you can receive a free energy kit with free light bulbs, etc. And for EVERY 100 KITS that our Odell Primary families sign up for, Odell Primary gets $250. (If you have signed up for a kit in the past two years, you will not receive a new one right now; however, your registration still counts as one of the 100 registrations our school needs to receive the $250). There are no strings with getting the free kits, and contact information is not sold to third parties. Also, the two schools throughout their production region who have the most kits requested will win $2,500 each! Last year our school received $10,000 from Duke Energy as part of this program, so we can tell you that it is legitimate and a great way for us all to receive energy saving items and teach our children how to save electricity. Be sure to go on line and get yours ASAP!

Book Fair is Coming Soon!

Fall Bookaneer Book Fair: Where Books are the Treasure!


Monday, Oct. 10th, 7:15am to Friday, Oct. 14th, 2:45pm


1215 Moss Farm Street Northwest

Concord, NC

More information

Our Fall Book Fair is coming up soon! Students will have the opportunity to browse and shop during their scheduled Media/Maker Space time, as well as throughout the week with an adult. Flyers were sent home last week and extras are available in the front office!

Interested in helping? Sign up via Scholastic or contact Marli Boyd for more information!

Dates to Remember

Oct. 4 8:15 K & 1A team Duke Energy Program @ cafe

Oct 4 9:00 2nd and 1B Duke Energy Program @ cafe

Oct. 5- 1st grade Team A Patterson Farm

Oct. 5 Fire Drill

Oct. 12 1st grade Team B Patterson Farm

Oct. 10-14th Book Fair

Oct. 11 Mass Hearing Screening

Oct. 18 Earthquake Drill

Oct. 19 Picture Day

Oct. 21 Hospitality

Oct. 26 Lockdown Drill

Dragon Pride Basket

Our class basket theme is Minecraft. Please help donate items with that theme for our basket. Baskets will be available for everyone to purchase tickets and put your ticket in the basket you would like to win! It's a big hit at our Odell Dragon Pride NIght! You can send in MInecraft items anytime in the next 2 weeks.