Come Visit Our City!!! P.S. Caution (Alien Crossing)


Come visit our Toxic Tower Where we keep all our TOXIC! Made out of two cyliders and one amazing green sphere and only Four faces. Next, come visit the Alien Inn, the TALLEST Sky Scraper in town(Planet). Made out of Two Cubes. Each with 6 faces, 8 verticies, and 12 edges. Right by the Slime Pool is the Slime Factory. Made with Two Cylinders and One tiny Cube! With 10 faces, 8 verticies, and 12 edges. At the EDGE of our town is Mount Slime. Don't worry it's hamrless(I think)! Only one cone and one face. come visit our Rocket Tower. Made by a Rectangular Prisim and a Cube. with 6 faces, 8 verticies, and 12 edges each! Finally, come to the Universal University! Shaped like a Trangular Pyrimid. With Four faces, 4 verticies, and 6 edges.

Our Planet


Space drive is Parallel to Alien Lane. Rockway is parallel to both Space Drive and Alien Lane. Rover Road intersects with every road except Dust Parkway! Dust Parkway is perpendicular with Space Drive and Alien Lane!!!