Advisory for Spring 2016

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A focus on PostSecondary WorkForce Readiness

This spring, we will be talking about Postsecondary Workforce Readiness, or PWR.

Students will notice the acronym PWR used throughout many discussions/assignments.

We will be using PoWeR Tools, seeking PoWeRful definitions, identifying PoWeR skills and more!

Some of the PoWeR Tools that we will start off with are Career clusters in Colorado, Naviance, and INDIGO.


Naviance is a career and college research tool available to all students in BVSD.

This account is free for student use and any work completed follows a student from school to school as long as it is within the district.

This semester, students will complete the following activities throughout the various grades:

  • Career Cluster Finder - Interest survey to help students identify different clusters that are of interest to them
  • Do What You Are - Survey that allows students to identify careers based on their own strengths and interests
  • College SuperMatch - Allows students to narrow down the database of colleges based on personal preferences such as location, cost, majors/minors offered, sports, campus size, etc.

COLORADO Career Clusters

We are working to help students identify which careers are available to them in Colorado and determine what the job prospects might be after choosing a plan of study.

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We are very excited to be working with the Indigo Project this semester thanks to funds that have become available through the Colorado School Counselor Corps Grant Program.

Each student will be taking an individual assessment to measure non-academic 21st century skills to help us guide students through a holistic approach to Postsecondary Workforce Readiness. According to the Indigo Project, "The Indigo Assessment combines four sciences to measure the areas of 21st century skills (non-cognitive skills), Motivators, Behavioral Styles, and Acumen. Below is a brief description of each of these four data groups."

The results of the Indigo Assessment will help us to provide individual guidance, counseling, and support for each of our students that addresses their unique set of skills and interests.

One of the biggest gaps that the current workforce is seeing is called the aspiration gap.... (add more here)

Student Intro

College in Colorado

Students were introduced to this resource in the Fall.

College in Colorado is a free service provided by the State of Colorado and is one of the tools that we will be using.

Anyone can create and account. This resource is available during and after high school.