JJ Watt

by-Andrew Zschech

He was born

JJ Watt was born on March 22,1989 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His real name was Justin James Watt.

His High School Career

JJ attended Pewaukee High School in Wisconsin. He was a 2 year starter in football and he played 2 years in basketball and baseball. He also played 1 year in track. He was rated #7 in football for Wisconsin.

His College Carrer

JJ atternded 2 colleges. He first attended Central Michigan University and he played football. Then he attended The University of Wisconsin and also played football.

His NFL Career

JJ drafted for the NFL in 2011 and drafted 11th overall by the Houston Texans. He now plays the defensive end for the Hoston Texans and he is number 99. He makes $856,000 a year. He is 6 foot 5 inches and weighs 289 pounds.