By: Autumn

Egypt is one of the most populated countries in Africa. It has over 84 million occupants.

Egypt has a long history one of the longest of any modern state. Its monuments like the Giza Pyramid and the Great Sphix were made by its Ancient Civilization.

Whats in like in Egypt???

Egypt has a very dry climate. In the desert areas it can reach up to 104 degrees fahrenheit. Egypt gets very low rainfall about 13 mm at the highest around march.

Egypt also has very interesting art like wall paintings. Wall paintings are done in the order of the Pharaohs and follow a rigid code of rules and meanings.

Life in Egypt

Egyptians valued family. They treasured children and thought they were blessings. In the lower class families the women of the house took care of the children and the royalty had many servants and slaves to care for their children.

Egyptians had many different jobs. Woman took care of the children and did household chores but they also had other jobs like owning and running businesses, farms in place of their husbands and sons other jobs were being a nanny for royal children and making perfume. Men worked on farms and ran businesses.

Egyptians main food was bread the woman grounded wheat to make flour while the men pounded it to make grain honey fruit and butter were often added to taste better they also drank wine and beer the Egyptians made their own wine and made beer out of barley.

Their homes were made of adobe.