Balance of Power

By: Katie Herklotz

How big is America?

America is 3.794 million square miles. The population is 317,297,938. The physical features range from dry desert places to regions almost like rainforest. There are mountains all throughout america along with lakes, rivers and ponds. America has different regions with different weather

Americas Education

America used to be in the top 10 education wise. Although, today we are dropping into the low 20s.
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The United States army is ranked 2nd in the whole world. North Korea is ahead of us because of their numbers and size. The American army has approximately 1.45 million people.

Americas economy

The economy of America changes with every president. Today, America is in so much dept that many generations of people will work to pay it off. For the middle class and lower, it is extremely hard to find jobs and it is making more people poor. The upper class is left to pay of extra bills for the people who cant.