A Christmas Carol

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Reasons why you should watch "A Christmas Carol"

The play, "A Christmas Carol" was about an old grumpy man that learned lessons through his past present and future. The play was written by a guy named Charles Dickens. You should watch the play cause it's very entertaining. First reason on why you should watch the play is because it has good sound effects. While I was watching the play, a dark and scary scene came up. During that part of the play I heard crows crowing in the background. It sounded like it was all around me.The second reason why you should see the play is the actors. The actors makes the play seem more realistic. Some of the actors were really good at showing what the scenes mood is. If there was a scene that was dark and scary they would scream and look frightened. The last reason why you should watch the play is because it has some funny scenes. One part of the play was about a family with a little turkey and Scrooge started to make fun of it. I heard everyone laughing.

In conclusion "A Christmas Carol" is a fun little play. Some parts of the play is comedy and other parts were serious and scary. I had a great time at the play.


In the play A Christmas Carol, Scrooge had to sacrifice his sleep to learn a lesson from the three ghosts. One sacrifice that I have made was to not go to my friends house to hang out. Instead of hanging out with my friends I helped my little sister with her homework. I could have been having fun but I decided to help my sister.